Better by Design

Our tram system is a hillside elevator with one main purpose, to safely transport you down the slope, and then return you to your home. It has to perform flawlessly, with little to no downtime or maintenance. In addition, the tram system has to be visually appealing, meaning it blends into the surroundings, and comfortable to ride. We put a great deal of care and effort into customizing the design and installation for your specific property; determining the optimal placement of the tram system, minimizing environmental disturbance and installing the complete system quickly.

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Design Highlights:

  • We make sure the controls are intuitive and comfortable to use.
  • We use Aluminum I beam vs. galvanized steel for the track to eliminate long term corrosion.
  • Our cabin is powder coated marine grade welded aluminum.
  • The track is installed low to the ground and can be anodized to any color to minimize visual impact.
  • Our cabin profile has features that eliminate pinch points at the upper and lower stations, commonly found in other designs.

We can often customize various aspects of the design to meet your specific needs.


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